Server Migration and Clean up

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Re: Server Migration and Clean up

Post by nick »

Perfect. If it does happen again give me a heads up. Every test I’ve ran it seems to be ok but I have been messing with stuff.

No mate. Don’t worry about the ad blocker. I’ve reenabled one add on the site as they’ve been away for years. I’m just looking to get a few pennies back to cover the (very minimal) server costs. It’s more to capture clicks and views from the very random internet searches that throw up topics.

Cheers again mate!

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Re: Server Migration and Clean up

Post by frog »

Good work! Just disabled my adblocker for this site; it deserves the kudo's.

Nice to see the https is working; also the forwarding from http to https works fine :) TLS1.3 support, good!

Do you have the scripting in place to automatically re-new the Le'ts Encrypt certificate every 3 months? It took me a while to get that going for my own stuff.

Just ran it through and it gives an "A" rating, perfect! :D You might want to setup DNS CAA; that is not difficult.
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