Sits too high at the back?

Shocks, springs, anything to do with the running gear

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Re: Sits too high at the back?

Post by MilesS835 »

So I purchased some 40mm Cobra lowering springs and have fitted the rear, already it looks so much better as it’s slightly more level!
I’m not looking forward to doing the front as from what I gather it’s a bit of a ball ache!
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Re: Sits too high at the back?

Post by steve_earwig »

It's do-able with the right tools but still a bit of a risk, might be better to find a local garage wiht a proper spring compressor jig thing and take your struts there.
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Re: Sits too high at the back?

Post by GingerMagic »

Definitely a job for someone with the right tools, or that spring could do you an injury...
It's also a good time to replace the strut top bearings seeing as the struts will be removed....

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Good luck with it, the 406 does look better with a little lowering in my eye.
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