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ServiceBox alternative

Post by 486 »

Is there free alternative of PSA Service Box? Since they switched to paid access it is hard to identify parts. One good feature was the box at upper right where I can enter OEM code and the system displays the topics (schemes) where it is used. For the moment I have to replace 1628.HC valve but not sure which one it is. I know there are at least 3 similar valves near to EGR but not sure are they identical and which one is 1628HC. I think there is more than one with this code. There is another valve with almost the same code 1628CH.
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Re: ServiceBox alternative

Post by GingerMagic »

If I remember correctly, all 3 valves on the bulkhead are identical - the one with the CH code is the swirl valve...

If you manage to find a decent replacement part then let me know as I need one to test my vacuum system ( I only have used parts and my ones were found in a box so completely untested )
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Re: ServiceBox alternative

Post by trem1 »

this works reasonably well as an alternative ... vzxPtKL8cU#

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Re: ServiceBox alternative

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Nice find!
Been looking for an alternative since Peugeot put a paywall in front of their ServiceBox.
Thank you trem1.
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